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The Painless Year-End Detox Diet

The Painless Year-End Detox Diet


The Painless Year-End Detox Diet

Stepping in November and having 2016 to fly by, I hope everyone have been checking their “New Year resolutions” well. If you haven’t had the time for yourself to show the love your body needs, please take a break to let me help you understand what, why and how can a detox diet help our body.

Before we get started, I would like to note that losing weight is not the main purpose of a detox diet but it may possibly help one to have a good kick-start on eating healthier and choosing more quality foods. Detox diets can either last for a day, a week, or sometimes up to a month if one wishes and/or taken approval from their physicians if they are uncertain about their current health status. Under medical definition the term detox or detoxification is known to be a treatment to help patients to eliminate an intoxicating or addictive substance. However, in this article we focus on detox/detox diets in the sense of giving our digestive system a break from all the chemical substances we take into our body with healthier choice of foods that are easily accessible or to be prepared too. Additionally to detox diet though, some would also head for colon cleansing (enema) to empty the intestine for more wholesome cleanse. I believe detox diet would help one to feel more rejuvenated and healthy, so why not give yourself a try and give your own comment?

Why go for a detox diet?

A detox diet does not only focuses on consuming more fruits and vegetables that are preferably organic, drinking plenty of water with an adequate amount of exercise once you get a hang of it, but also leaving refined sugars, high fat, sodium, and processed food aside. If you didn’t already know, detoxing can boost energy levels, improve digestion and help shift a few unwanted kilos too. This is generally suitable for everyone in well condition that opt for better quality of life through diet.

Yes, undoubtedly our intelligent body has been working all day and night to eliminate the ‘toxins’ we consume, but having a detox diet is where we decrease the workload of our digestive system. According to Dr Alejandro Junger, author of Clean, how having a detox diet helps is that it would create a condition for our systems and organs to work in a maximum intensity and to be supported nutritionally so they can do the work more effectively. People on detox diet get to learn how food really affect them and have sensation or feeling of how their body works at an optimal state.

How to start?

It is always the hardest to get started, but as soon as we did, our body will be able to follow the trend and get going. If meat and meat products are so happen to be your best friends and go-to in every meal, you are never advised to consume solely on greens, fruits and vegetables on the day you planned to start eating healthily. Your body possibly could not adjust quickly enough and you may actually fall sick because of that. Piece of advice here is to start small, like adding in dark leafy greens, and gradually increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. Just like how parents would introduce new food items to their baby, they feed the types of new food to their baby in small portion for few days to make sure that they are not allergy to that particular food. Similarly, the body needs to get alerted in order to adapt into a different environment, such as the choices of food that are not from our usual diet.

About Detox Diet

Clearly, this is going to be what we are going to eat. Do note that not all healthy foods are detoxifying, but all detoxifying foods are healthy. To lessen the struggle of choosing which food item to eat, we can categorize it as anabolic food where they are usually high in protein and fat, like fish, chicken breasts and eggs; and catabolic food that helps in breaking down toxins in our body, such as fruits, vegetables, and other complex carbohydrates. Therefore, when you are ready to detox and breakdown those unwanted wastes, anabolic foods should be greatly reduced for the best detoxing result to be shown.

There are various types of detox diets available and usually they involve periods of fasting, drinking only fluids, eliminating certain foods, herbal supplements, or even the use of enemas to cleanse the colon. According to registered dietitian Debra Johnston, many detox diets emphasizes consumption of raw foods, increasing the amount of water or juice, and at the same time eliminating processed foods and animal products would help because eating more natural foods can be good for digestive health.

For the basic, it is recommended to have organic food and drink that does not contain pesticides or fungicides, eat more whole unprocessed foods let it be grains, seeds, legumes for instance, have a high combination of fruits and vegetables along with 2 liters of plain water per day. Fruits and vegetables contain high amount of fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Increase consumption of fruit and vegetable does not only keep us fuller, but also able to reduce calories and flush out toxin in our body. Limited protein sources from animal products could be replaced with plant proteins like beans, legumes, and quinoa to uphold the muscle mass.

The DON’Ts during detox diet

Instead of telling what one should be consuming, personally I find it more important to know what we should not eat instead because that’s what messing up with the diet. The below shows a list of items that everyone should be consuming at a controlled amount during usual diet, what’s more in a detox diet? Try your best to eliminate these temporarily:

- Wheat-based products: Breads, pasta, breakfast cereals

- Dairy: Milk, cultured dairy foods, ice cream

- Red meat: Bacon, ham, luncheon meat

- Refined carbohydrates: Cakes, cookies, candies

- Saturated fat: Fried foods, butter, mayonnaise

- Additives: Artificial preservatives, artificial sweetener, packaged foods

- Caffeine: Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks

- Alcohol and drugs

- Certain supplements (due to the amount of additives)

Hopefully this list of items are not too surprising, and fret not if you are, here’s some alternative foods items that you may replace them with to solve that problem. For wheat, do head for wheat-free alternatives such as rice cakes, porridge oats or corn-based cereals and replace dairy with soya yoghurts, soya or rice milks. These alternatives could leave you feeling less bloated or weary. Elimination of red meat was necessary because most of the time it’s difficult to be digested and they contain high amount of saturated fat in it. Avoiding those items would highly likely to lower the amount of salt and artificial preservatives at the same time. Food items such as low-fat organic chicken, fresh fish, tofu and/or eggs are their alternatives and they provide good source of protein that the body needs. Snack time are fun with fruits and vegetables. Lemon, lime, green tea, apple cider vinegar, kale, berries, flax seeds, and broccoli are types of foods that are known for their high antioxidant and/or antibacterial properties which are beneficial when we are trying to detoxify the body. One may add plenty of steamed vegetables in their meal to fill themselves up instead of having those junky snacks that does no good to the body.

As for saturated fats products, they are highly encouraged to be eliminated. However, a small amount of olive oil or flaxseed oil can be used for cooking vegetables or dressing the salads. When you are having a hard time pronouncing the list of items in the ingredients of the food item, you probably want to avoid having those food as well, hence, do choose organic products whenever and wherever possible. Flavorings could be done using vegetables such as garlic, onion or ginger where they are all renowned for their wonderful cleansing properties. Flavorful drinks are often for craving purpose and drinking room temperature water is what best for us. Subsequently, infusing fruits into water would make detox water that helps to flush the system of toxin in addition improves health. Apple cider vinegar could be added into warm water to drink for a good cleansing effect too.

No one can stop you from feeling good about yourself and wanting a healthier body physically and mentally. This simply guide right here – or maybe it looks simple, is the basis of what you would need to follow through on a detox diet. Of course, there are plenty of detox diets or programmes available out and up on the media platform that you can accessed to. However, it is important that one does it by will and not by power. We should address other areas of stress in life, and examine lifestyle as a whole. Having an adequate sleep of 7-8 hours along with 30 minutes of physical activity 3 times a week is extremely important too. Advice from health care providers are recommended and may everyone have a painless year end detox diet!  













Chua Yee Ling

Intern at Spectrum Of Life (specifying in Nutrition)