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BRAIN ASSESSMENT ( A Peak Into Your Brain )

Assessment of the brainwave is the first and rather important step prior to brain training. During the assessment, qualified practitioner/ clinician will have to identify what EEG frequencies are excessive or insufficient, are the processing speed coherence or synchronized, and which parts of the brain should be of concerned in each individual. Brainwaves in different parts of the brain indicate different symptoms or issues, thus, a proper and thorough assessment allows an accurate, individualized and tailored treatment for the individual.

During the assessment and brain training, one or more electrodes will be placed on the scalp and one or two on the earlobes. The technique is non-invasive, thus there will be no discomfort sensations throughout the process. EEG electronic devices will then provide real time and instant feedback about individuals’ brainwaves, displayed in different frequencies (as shown in picture). Accordingly, protocols will be determined for different individuals targeting presented issues. Threshold will be adjusted for different brainwaves in targeting the said problems. For example, individuals with attention deficit disorder (ADD) tend to have greater ratio of slow waves, thus, training for individuals with ADD is to reduce the amplitude of slow waves (such as delta, theta, and/or alpha) while increasing the amplitude of fast wave activity (beta).

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