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  • Officiated by the Minister of tourism (YB Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz) in 2014 and registered under Ministry of Health. With a relaxing space of 34,000 Sq ft, In a short span of time, SOL has been getting clientele from across Malaysia, Middle East, Canada, Indonesia and Singapore attracted by word of-mouth about our team's results and high quality service towards client care.

    Reason being SOL is not just a standalone natural treatment centre nor a clinic. SOL is known as Integrative Wellness Centre because we combine the best of both worlds by bridging the latest and safest (radiation free) in proprietary technology and advance natural medicine around the globe being used by the most diverse range of experienced practitioners under one roof just to serve you. Our team based healing approach offers highly personalised and customized treatment plans and medicine that addresses not just your symtoms but also the root causes of your health in the most effective and harmless way, ranging from simple health maintenance to chronic diseases and cancer management.

  • Another “big piece” for SOL is our role as educators in the community, with that in mind SOL has branched out into other arenas, including development of corporate wellness programmes with the big brands. Our lifestyle teachings on wholesome living puts health back into your own hands, guiding you towards not only the prevention of sickness but also healing and educating you to live a better and healthier life.