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Healthy Working Environment

Healthy Working Environment

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Healthy Working Environment

A healthy working environment is one that is empowering, safe, and satisfying. According to World Health Organization definition of “health”, it includes a place supporting optimal health and safety regarding to “physical, mental and social well-being”. A successful entrepreneur knows that one important factor of success is keeping their employee’s sparks alive. With that sparks, the perseverance and resilience keeps the employee healthy and able to sustain in high pressure working period of time.

It is often to see that a successful company avoid burnout from staff and supporting their employee to grow. Signs of a healthy workplace has included productivity, business performance, staff morale, and employee engagement. This benefits the company from sick pay cost, insurance cost and most importantly the other employee stress on covering the absentee. When a company look after the employee welfare, the positive image definitely will be presented a much more positive public image.People knows a healthily fit person will stand higher chance to perform better.

Encouraging the employees to get healthy offers way more benefit for the company than just the individual welfare. Encouraging moves such as giving a working hour of work-life balance is vital. A person that is tired mentally will not be motivated. Getting healthy includes mental and physical is equal healthy.

While making decisive decision and the judgment is often as stressful as it can get, healthy employee will be able to carry on without putting on hold. Employer needs to be empathetic with the employee that they still has a personal life to go through including family, social circle and resting hour. Good quality of resting hour for employee is equally giving vehicle a good service to maintain the performance. As an employer, the last thing wanted to happen in the company is the employee breakdown during working for their personal matters.

Ensuring fulfilling life other than work is as vital as the company operation daily. A healthy workplace symptom included the engagement from employee to the company. Employee engagement is highly correlated with sustainable performance of a company. It includes employee passions and interest in work. For most people, in short, work is a depleting, dispiriting experience that happens daily. A survey was done by NYTIMES showed that employees are vastly motivated when four cores are met in them physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What it meant is physical, the opportunities to renew and recharge constantly at work; mental, employee having the opportunity to be in focus to get the task complete in where and when; emotional, being valued and appreciated and lastly spiritual, by enjoy doing what they do best and having a sense of higher purpose at work. The more core met, all of the performance will be vastly improved.

Given that these are a few key point to improve and raise the awareness of healthy workplace, these are also tips to improve capabilities of a management in the company. A positive employees in a company are the image for a positive company.

Contributed by: Mr Travis Lye Neurotherapist & NLP Practitioner in Spectrum Of Life