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The Cell Recharger

Nanopulse therapy is used in treatments and rehabilitation, as well as the maintenance of health and wellness. Its philosophy is to equip the cells with all the energy they require to fight the problem instead of treating the symptoms with unhealthy chemicals.

This therapy is an advanced pulsed treatment that produces an ultra-fast, short duration, athermic(no heat) broad spectrum magnetic pulse.  In simple language, Nanopulsetherapy acts as a battery charger to stimulate your cellular energy or your body's bio-energy.

The secret of success lies in the characteristics of the magnetic pulses emitted. More specifically, the pulses are very short in duration (instant) but carrying extremely high power. Thus, high penetration is achieved even in deeper tissues. In short, for all these reasons, the Nanopulse device offers impressive results in a wide range of applications, including:

Conditions with complaints of pain, decreased range of motion and swelling have commonly reported relief.Arthritic swelling and pain, migraine and chinook headaches are included in this list.  The application of the nanopulse is not only limited to treatment or rehabilitation, but it also supports maintenance of health and wellness. In addition, it improves athletic performance, as it has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific research and thousands of users worldwide.

There are a long list of professional athletes who have used the Nanopulse to aid in their recovery from injuries; Terrell Owens, Wide Receiver for the San Fransisco 49ers'; Hermann Maier, 3 time World Cup and 2 time Olympic Gold Metal skier; boxer James “Lights Out” Toney, defeated heavy weight champion Evander Holyfield; Andreas Krassas, Gold Metal National Judo Champion to name a few! 

 No, because this instrument carried electrical impulse and thins might cause electrical shock.

Yes, Nanopulse device has been tested and successfully passed every trial required by the European standards and laws, and has been certified with CE medical (CE0044) by the notified bodies HEEQAC S.A. and TUEV Nord Cert GmbH. Moreover the producing company is certified for ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003+AC2007 andCAN/CSAISO13485:2003, and certified for its conformity to the European directive MDD 93/42/EEC regarding the manufacturing of medical devices.