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Bio Resonance ( BR ) Scan

The BR scan is a bio-resonance scanner that uses the principles of radionics that works as a HEALTH INDICATOR that can gauge the imbalances or “stress potentials” in tissues of the body to give the practitioner an in-depth reading of the body’s functions.

It is a scanning device manufactured in Germany and used by European and German physicians as an aid to diagnosis and follow up of the patient. It records the current magnetic fields corresponding to the disease and toxins present and record the magnetic fields of individual groups of tissues and organs. It is a scanner that can point out the direction the body is going and can be a predictor of future events based on the current state of the client’s magnetic field readings.

BR Scan Health Screening helps you to find out if you have any POTENTIAL disease or condition even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms and/or signs of it. Early detection followed by treatment/ investigation can result in better prognosis, and lowers the risk of serious complications. Many people are at risk for diseases such as cancer, stroke or heart disease but experience no signs and symptoms. Early detection of the potential diseases can prevent major consequences

Yes it is very safe, even for pregnant mothers since there are no harmful radiations involved. The BR scan is CE certified and has been tested for safety 

Strong emotions, too many people in the room, noisy environment and anything that causes vibrations in the vicinity of the scanner. Simple situation such as fasting, lack of sleep and stress might also affect the result. 

One is an apple and the other is an orange, but both are fruits! Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make images of organs and structures inside the body. A BR Scan does not involve magnetism but both use resonance frequency patterns to study state of body organs.

Yes, there are occasions when the BR scan has detected serious conditions that were confirmed by other standard laboratory methods as well as standard scans like the MRI.

Since it is a safe method, scans can be done as often as needed. However, since treatment and healing take time, it is best not to repeat a scan in less than 3 months after measures to correct the lifestyle and diet as well as other measures has been taken to correct the health problems.

Since it uses radionics and radionics can generate magnetic waveforms, these waveforms can be transmitted back to the client to gently correct and give positive energy to the client. However, the effects are very subtle and need to be repeated frequently to have the desired healing effect.