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Ozone Therapy & Chelation Therapy

Cleans Up Your Blood

Ozone therapy is used to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction ofozone gas (O3) into the body.

Chelation therapy is an intravenous treatment to remove free radicals from your body, it is a time tested treatment for lead and other heavy metal poisoning and A Swiss study reported a 90% reduction in cancer mortality after chelation.

Ozone could be used to maintain health while one is not suffering from any ailment. We are all oxygen starved while humans have adapted beautifully to 17% oxygen in breathing air from the initial 30% when we started as oxygen dependent creatures. At present we are all in jeopardy, oxygen concentrate is going down from 17% to 14% with increased pollution. We will need protection against this. Ozone is ideal to overcome the shortage. It compensates for the pollution and provides us with extra oxygen. It is be a good idea to have ozone treatments periodically, like ozone bath and rectal ozone infusions. This practice will help maintain one's health.

There are no side effects to ozone, when administered correctly by a well-trained technician. Ozone's primary function is to detoxify the chemicals and other toxin we breathe, drink or eat. And destroy any organisms that may be in the body (and usually there are whether one is ill or well).

Ozone was discovered in 1840.Since then it was used for deodorization,color removal, taste and odor removal, turbidity reduction, organics removal, microflocculation, and most commonly, bacterial disinfection and viral inactivation.and sewage treatment, In the first world war it was used to for wound cleansing, with this the regular medical use of ozone started.

Most certainly yes, most health problems start with toxins suffocating cells from breathing, producing energy and absorbing nutrients thus preventing them from doing their jobs efficiently. Primary function of Ozone is detoxification, what other more potent agent is available to detoxify? If everyone used ozone to detoxify, there would be very little illness around.

Yes, Colonic's s are done to clean out all the encrusted matter in the large intestines. The large intestine is about 1.2 or 1.5 meter long. Usual bowel movements excrete the faecal matter accumulated at the lower end - in the sigmoid and rectal part of the large intestine.

It is very useful for the success of ozone therapy to have a healthy diet. This way part of ozone given need not be wasted dealing with the unwanted substance in the food consumed.

If special diet means healthy balanced diet and not the junk most of us eat, but then even if one is not receiving ozone one should be on a special diet i.e a diet consisting of unprocessed and un-poisoned food stuffs. A healthy diet should consist of complex carbohydrates 20 %, fat 10% or less fat and mixed protein and nutrients. It is advisable to avoid animal fat. i.e. animal flesh (red eat) If unable to avoid at least keep it to a minimum, on no account fat made up of super refined oils should be consumed.

Chelation therapy is a therapy using natural ingredients to dissolve plaques that prevent easy and blocking blood vessels and preventing easy and adequate blood flow. It is also used for heavy metal poisoning. It is done intravenously using a synthetic amino acid, Ethelene -diamine-tetra acetic acid, EDTA as it is popularly known. Several nutritional supplements also act as oral chelators. These could be taken when the blockages are not severe or when one cannot get to chelating physician for some reason.

Yes, they do. The beneficial results of ozone therapy and chelation therapy overlap. As a matter of fact, many centres combine both the therapies, giving ozone therapy one day and chelation therapy the next day. If chelation therapy alone is given, several sittings up to 30 or even 40 are needed to get the expected and required results. By combining both therapies, 10 sessions, five of each are given, the patient is re-evaluated to ascertain progress and may be given a few more of this combination therapy with half the volume of the chelation solution, gives satisfactory results.

Yes, ozone is not incompatible with drugs, as ozone therapy is continued and the body heals, medications may not be needed.

The extra oxygen that is available to the tissues during ozone therapy is very beneficial. Tissues that have marginal amount of oxygen for their work welcome extra oxygen. Tissues and organs that are starved for oxygen, grab the extra oxygen. Thus they function at their maximum efficiency making the person feels well and rejuvenated.

Oxygen therapies are very different modalities. The usual oxygen therapy is making a patient breathe pure oxygen. This is useful in temporarily providing extra oxygen to tissues when the heart is not pumping adequately or the person is in shock compromising the circulation. There are oxygen breathing bars cropping up. Individual spending time in densely polluted or smoky areas breathe pure oxygen for ten or fifteen minutes to flush out the pollution, Oxygen cannot be absorbed through the skin normally. In conditions such as septicemia or burns, large quantities of oxygen available to the tissue prevents catastrophes. Thus these individuals are exposed to oxygen under pressure in hyper baric chambers oxygen under increased pressure penetrates the skin and reaches the tissues.

Ozone injected into the tissues, directly destroys the organism causing the septicemia and bacterial infection in burns cases and as well provides extra oxygen, more than what hybaric method can supply. Individual cannot be in a hyper baric chamber more than two hours at a time.