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ES-Teck Complex

A Complete Picture

ES TECK Complex is a body scanning system that measures the electrical resistance between selected points in the arms, legs and head as well as the heart rate via several probes.

ES Teck PEMS bioimpedance device is the preventative health care tool that can help evaluate and monitor your nutritional supplementation, medications, or therapies quickly and accurately. This internationally approved and accredited, non-invasive medical device conducts a comprehensive analysis of a patient’s physiology in just five to seven minutes — with 87% clinical accuracy.

ES Teck PEMS is not a diagnostic tool. This device gives health care providers and their patients’ invaluable information by allowing them to measure and monitor various characteristics of the body’s physiology.

ES- Teck System is an advanced body screening technology which uses a finger “Oximeter” for observation of heart rate, tissue oxygen uptake, arterial stiffness, hemodynamic indicators and autonomic nervous system (ANS) levels of activity. The Electro Interstitial Scan-GS (EIS-GS) is similar to an EEG or ECG. It is a combination of non-invasive bio-impedance sensors that send a slight electrical impulse through the interstitial fluid of the body and measures the ease or difficulty with which the current travels. Reading the “messages from your body” allows us to see the state of your health through 3D coloured body models and easy to read charts.

 Helps you monitor your own health care and make informed decisions without having to wait (assessment can be done within 15 minutes).

 Helps you figure out supplementation and lifestyle modifications you need to make to achieve optimal health.

 Helps you in choosing the right health care options and spending your time and money in the most beneficial place.

 Heart Rate Variability

 Oxygen Uptake

 Organ System Function (pancreas, liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, stomach)

 Body composition (body fat percentage, lean body mass)

 Spinal nerve interference

 Body Tissue Condition

 Neurotransmitter Levels

 Body pH levels

 Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

 Lymphatic system performance

 Health of adrenal glands

 Brain lobe modelling

 Body hydration levels

No. ES-Teck is a non-invasive and non-radiation body screening therefore, client will not experience discomfort during the test.

Those who want to gauge their fitness level or get to know their current body condition before proceeding to treatments or therapies.