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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)


HTMA – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a non-invasive medical test used to obtain diagnostic, screening and monitoring information regarding having the proper levels and ratios of the essential nutrient minerals supports in order to support our optimum cellular function and lead to a better health. The purpose of HTMA is to ensure that we have enough levels of nutrient minerals, and the ratios of each and every nutrient mineral are correct.

The HTMA lab test provides comprehensive information about our kid’s health, performance status, and trending toward any health diseases. Hair is the tissue of choice by the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in determining toxic metal exposure. A 1980 report from EPA stated that human hair can be effectively used for biological monitoring of the highest priority toxic metals. This report confirmed the findings of other studies in the USA and abroad, which concluded that human tissue maybe a more appropriate tissue than blood and urine for studying community exposure to trace elements.

Often overlooked, trace minerals are important for many functions. Unlike plants, our body cannot manufacture its own minerals. Mineral deficiencies can affect the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurological, immune and endocrine system. It can be shown such as follows:

- Skin and hair problem such as eczema, hair fall and scalding

- Tiredness such as fatigue, lethargy, poor stamina, migraine, poor focus and loss of energy

- Emotional problems such as mood swings, stress and anxiety

- Bone and joint problem and muscle pain

- Digestion problem such as stomach pain and constipation

- Hormonal problem such as thyroid dysfunction

After doing HTMA test, we are now able to detect any nutritional deficiency and toxicity in our kid’s body. Nutritional deficiencies also known as malnutrition, it happens when our body is not getting enough of nutrients it needs. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to several health problems such as indigestion, skin problems, stunted or defective bone growth, and dementia. By preventing from nutritional deficiencies, we have to always make sure that we are getting sufficient nutrients from our daily diet as our body does not produce nutrients naturally and we may also consult with Naturopath for taking any nutritional supplements. Whereas toxicity is the degree to which a substance can damage an organism. We are all exposed to a pervasive toxic environment.

Our immune function and adaptation capabilities continually have to respond to increasing levels of stressors. When metabolic processes are working properly, you experience robust health and immune function, sustained energy, clear thinking and emotional stability. Balancing biochemistry is a fundamental activity of all biology. All of the activities you engage in such as conscious, subconscious, and autonomic able to impact our biochemistry’s balance. Therefore it is so much better to balance biochemistry intelligently using HTMA result as our guide.

The two requirements for intelligent biochemical balancing are simply through providing the right nutritional support for our unique metabolic profile and learning to eliminate or avoid those things that will harm our health. Besides, the key benefits of intelligent biochemical balancing include improved cognitive function and physical capability, and better stress management. HTMA is done by cutting an inch of hair root. Hair tissue is stable over time and provides several months of biochemical activity in a single sample. Besides, obtaining the sample is inexpensive and non-invasive and can be done without medical intervention. Therefore, after the result is reviewed, our naturopath can be consult in identify which nutrient minerals is lacking of and suitable nutrient supplements can be add in. With right diet and lifestyle changes after HTMA the brain trainer therapy can achieve better results.

Pre-Preparation for HTMA:



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