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The Ray That Heals

The infrared ray is the natural radiant heat emitted by the sun without the harmful UV ray. It gently heats the body from within instead of heating the air and is able to penetrate the surface of the skin, giving your body overall radiant warmth. Sunlighten™ is the only infrared technology backed by clinical data which shows that regular use of the sauna reduces blood pressure and aids in weight loss.

Benefits of Concentrated Infrared Sauna:

          • Detoxifies your body 7 times better than a traditional sauna, composing as much as 20% of toxinsand it is a more effective detoxification on heavy metals, urea, lactic acid, etc.
          • Has the capability to penetrate the deep tissues that produces sweat
          • Blood pressure reduction
          • Improves blood circulation
          • Pain relief
          • Wound healing
          • Improves cell health and aid in related issues
          • Skin rejuvenation and purification
          • Weight loss
          • Total relaxation

Differences between Concentrated Infrared Sauna & Traditional Sauna


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