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The Ion That Heals

Natural negative ion represents the energy of the universe. They are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. The negative ions are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation. They are most abundant in natural places and particularly around moving water such as the waterfall and beach as well as after a thunderstorm.

The opposite of the negative ions are positive ions. These are most likely in the cities which are polluted with smoke and dust as well as our body which has free radicals. As we inhale “dirty air”, eating all kind of food, engage in unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, drug abuse and alcohol consumption as well as day to day stress exposure, we are building up free radicals. These are all positives ion. For some people, the bowel movement and urination is compromise. Less out and more in of toxin is equal to toxin overloaded. If a laptop in on for gaming for a very long time, will there be possibility that it will crash? It will even explode! Imagine that happening to our body. Well, our body will not explode, but our organ will get exhausted, especially the detox organ such as the large intestine, skin, liver, kidney and lung. Everyone will get tired working the whole day, what more internal organ which has to continuously remove toxins from our body. Give it a break!

Accumulation of toxin also has another effect. The most serious one is cancer. Less serious one are headache, skin problem, chronic fatigue, foggy thinking, forgetful, and many more. But does not mean when it is not serious, it should be ignored. It may develop into something major such as auto-immune disease, Alzheimer, cancer, and premature aging. Do you really want to look older than your age?

The fundamental of Serumi Ion is based on creating negative ions that resembles that of nature and exposing them to the body. This will help the body to recover and strengthen its natural healing power, effectively slowing down the cell oxidation process as it neutralize the positive ions in our blood.

The Serumi Ions reduces the harmful factors to which a living body is subjected, and activates cell tissue metabolism, thus building a healthy body. The Serumi Ion use by Spectrum of Life is a Japan-registered medical device, and has been used in over 400 hospitals in Japan. It is highly recommended to be used to improve the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, bowel movement and circulation issues.

The process of undergoing this therapy is by lying down on the bed and you will assisted in wearing gloves and socks. Plates are places on your feet whereas your hands will be sandwiched by the plates. It will take approximately 30-45 minutes for the ions to diffuse via the capillaries which are very superficial at the areas of the hands and feet. You may take this time to sleep or meditate. Once the session is over, you will feel very refresh and alert.

 Benefits of Serumi Ion

·         Purifications and alkalization of blood

·         Improves absorption of vitamins and nutrients

·         Increasing energy

·         Improves sleep quality

·         Relief from chronic constipation

·         Purification and alkalization of blood, also improves circulation

·         Suppressing the cell oxidation process, that helps to increase immunity

·         Anti-inflammatory effect

·         Sedation and pain relief

·         Detoxification


The differences between Serumi Ion & Conventional Ion

serumi ion


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