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qEEG Brain Map and Brain Trainer


With the help of innovation, you can take a peep into the brain. Yes, by looking into how the brain works through these non-invasive, scientifically proven and clinically tested brain-training technologies, you can train the brain directly to improve or boost its ability. Talk about jumpstarting a slow brain! Remember, when you change your brain, you change your life.

So it doesn’t matter if your child is a gifted achiever who want to excel further or a hardworking underachiever with learning difficulties, they can learn how to activate specific parts of their brain – in a fun way, of course, and thus, experience a change in brain functioning.

Do you want your kids to improve on these?
Better focus & attention span
 √ Improve memory and thinking
 √ Faster learning
 √ Increase alertness
 √ Improve language comprehension & expression
 √ Improve vocabulary
 √ Improve mathematics
 √ Improve motivation & self esteem
 √ Reduce anxiety and stress
 √ Control emotion & behaviour
 √ Peak performance in school, work and sports

Who is it for?
 √ High achievers
 √ Underachievers
 √ Peak performers in sports
 √ Children with learning difficulties


Presenter's Profile
Dr. Kenneth Kang

  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
  • Neurofeedback therapist (USA)
  • Natural health practitioner (BE) registered with the New Zealand Natural Health Charter



Dr. Kenneth Kang, Ph.D. (Educational Psychology) is a pioneer in the field of Neurofeedback Therapy and functional qEEG analysis technique (qEEG Brain Map). He is the founding member of EEG Associates (USA), an affiliate member of EEG Spectrum International (USA) and is well plugged into the Neurofeedback communities of the USA and Australia.


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