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Madam Tan, Physical Activity Issue

Madam Tan, Physical Activity Issue

I am 74 years old this year. About a year ago, I was unable to move freely anymore due to lack of physical and muscle strength on my legs. I had been to many places to look for a solution but I found nothing and at that point of time, I was so disappointed and saw no hope in the future. But it is so fortunate for me that, my daughter found SOL online and we would try all means to improve my conditions.

In just two months undergoing the therapies in SOL, my body conditions have improved a lot. I can now walk slowly with the assistance of the devices in SOL and this amazing result makes me more positive and I regain my confidence to continue the treatment. I used to be very afraid of acupuncture. But the therapists here in SOL are very professional and I can rest assured they would provide me the best treatment experience. Apart from the physical treatment, the therapists from SOL also provide me strong moral support. They always encourage me and show absolute care to me.

It is more convenient for me to visit SOL, especially when my mobility is restricted (wheelchair), I am still able to get all the therapies that I need in SOL since it is a one-stop centre which offers various types of screenings and therapies all under one roof. I visit SOL almost every day for body restoration and complete the daily activities instructed by the consultant to stay fit and healthy. I strongly believe that SOL will help me and guide me to a better and healthier life.