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Madam Lim, Lower Back Pain

Madam Lim, Lower Back Pain

My major health concern is my lower back pain. I was suffering from this problem since 2009 and through family member’s referral, I found SOL and decided to take up Nano Pulse therapy and Physiotherapy which would aid my back condition. Physiotherapist from SOL explained to me very well about the therapy and I clearly know that Nano Pulse therapy is to energize and activate our body cells, as after the second or third time of the treatment, the back ache increased but soon after the first few sessions, it improved as the cells were being energized. Besides Nano Pulse, SOL physiotherapist also taught me some daily exercises that I can do to help ease the pain. After all the treatment sessions completed, my lower back pain problem was totally solved and I do not feel any discomfort or pain now.

I do like the environment of SOL. And if without the dedication, patience, suggestion and coaching of the therapists and nurses, my lower back would not have been healed so fast.

Thank you to SOL and I would recommend my friends to visit this integrative wellness centre to help them live healthier and happier.