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Juliet, Sleep Management Problem

Juliet, Sleep Management Problem

I am currently working as a corporative accountant, I was facing some difficulties at work in terms of performance, therefore I was recommended by my friend to visit SOL, my main complain included losing focus and experiencing fatigue very frequently which I assume it to be autonomic nervous system dysfunction as I was experiencing symptoms such as unstable blood pressure rapid heart rate, dizziness and digestive problem. Initially I presume it to be normal due to stress at work however until one day I found myself on the floor unconscious. From my understanding from the therapist Autonomic nervous system dysfunction generally involves impairment of the sympathetic or parasympathetic components of our autonomic nervous system.

I was asked to undergo a health assessment called Esteck Screening where the result showed that I was having autonomic nervous system dysfunction but it was related to my sleeping quality and quantity. The consultant recommended me to go for further assessment which was amazing, they call it the brain assessment, I could see my live brain waves and it showed exactly how my sleep waves are, my stress, my focus waves etc.

The therapist explained to me that I had excessive slow brainwaves on my prefrontal cortex which would lead to impairment on my executive functioning. This is the major reason why I was having focus related problem, poor mental stamina, short attention span etc.

I was recommended to go for Brain Trainer and Neuro Hypnotherapy to improve my sleeping quality, improve the mental stamina, focus and teach my brain how to calm itself, I was quite shock as no sleeping pills were recommended despite my case was crucial.

I have to say this to my uttered surprise I see great result, emotionally stable, less medical leaves, and multi-tasking.

Thank you SOL and I would recommend this to everyone who is having similar related issue.