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Miss Low, Attacks of Angina

Attacks of Angina Clear Up After EECP Treatment

“I forget that I have a bad heart," said Miss Low"I even forget to take my nitroglycerin with me when I go out because I don't need to take it anymore.

I feel much better now than I did before I had ECP treatment.

Before i underwent ECP treatment last year. I experienced attacks of angina at least once a week while walking. When I had difficulty breathing because of an especially irritating bout of hay fever six years ago, I began using an inhaler. However, after several days Miss Low complained that the medication was causing pains in his chest.

Her physician immediately hospitalized her. An angiogram revealed that he had severe, inoperable coronary artery disease. Miss Low took the only option that was available to her and went for ECP treatment. “I feel much better now than I did before.